Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Friday, 1 July 2011



Still working on the 3D images with Pak Irman.

Thursday, 30 June 2011


3D IMAGE by Irman Rohiman (in progress)

Been waiting for the contractors for calculated everything.

In the meanwhile been working on the 3D images and will continuing the process to the structure calculation and the IMB drawings.

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Monday, 13 June 2011

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Philodendron definitely will be the star, love them so much.

....... (browsing for more plants ideas)

PICTURE SOURCE: http://www.davesgarden.com
PICTURE SOURCE: http://tanaman.org

DAY 25 - INTERIOR | Saturday, 11062011

Browsing for some interior magazines and internet to collect ideas.

Some of the ideas in mind BEFORE I was browsing the magazines and internet:

+ Exposed concrete wall and floor for some part of the house especially the public area.
+ Kitchen island as a dining table with a built in small stove and basin. It's gonna be an interactive dining experience ;)
+ chalkboard (black) as part of kitchen - living room' wall
+ glass board as a part of studio for brainstorming the ideas, notes, etc.
+ chalkboard or glass board as part of children room for them scribbled out their ideas
+ one big frameless one color square board (1.5x1.5 M2) hanging on living or studio for us to change its picture in daily or weekly basis. So it's kind of a dynamic art and will be documented as it changes.

The ideas I've got AFTER the browsing:

+ Bunkbed for The Boy room with a storage underneath.
+ More dynamic room for the kids with some bold colors accent.
+ A dreamy mosquito net for Curly Baby room.
+ Kitchen island with a built-in stove and a wash basin, we would like to have a dynamic dining experience.
+ Put the Grohe rain shower set on my list, oh must have!
+ Those fabulous designer chairs also floating in my head now #darn
+ Get the plant inside the room arrangements: hanging, wall, pots.
+ The glass surface on the kitchen wall, under those hanging cabinets, layered one white wall: love the idea!

DAY 24 - NOTES | Friday, 10062011

All files sent to all contractors for them to made one calculation on the building' budget and all.

Hopefully we've got the best price with the possibility of the fastest one ;)

Good luck!

*waiting for the 3D artist done his job too*