Sunday, 12 June 2011

DAY 25 - INTERIOR | Saturday, 11062011

Browsing for some interior magazines and internet to collect ideas.

Some of the ideas in mind BEFORE I was browsing the magazines and internet:

+ Exposed concrete wall and floor for some part of the house especially the public area.
+ Kitchen island as a dining table with a built in small stove and basin. It's gonna be an interactive dining experience ;)
+ chalkboard (black) as part of kitchen - living room' wall
+ glass board as a part of studio for brainstorming the ideas, notes, etc.
+ chalkboard or glass board as part of children room for them scribbled out their ideas
+ one big frameless one color square board (1.5x1.5 M2) hanging on living or studio for us to change its picture in daily or weekly basis. So it's kind of a dynamic art and will be documented as it changes.

The ideas I've got AFTER the browsing:

+ Bunkbed for The Boy room with a storage underneath.
+ More dynamic room for the kids with some bold colors accent.
+ A dreamy mosquito net for Curly Baby room.
+ Kitchen island with a built-in stove and a wash basin, we would like to have a dynamic dining experience.
+ Put the Grohe rain shower set on my list, oh must have!
+ Those fabulous designer chairs also floating in my head now #darn
+ Get the plant inside the room arrangements: hanging, wall, pots.
+ The glass surface on the kitchen wall, under those hanging cabinets, layered one white wall: love the idea!

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