Wednesday, 18 May 2011


Today is the first day I work on our family house design. Super excited!

It's gonna be the simple house design with simple materials.

The main concept is "breathe" or "to breathe"

I want this house and the environment blend into one, so it could "breathe" easily, created a comfortable atmosphere.


Iwan the husband, he's an anthropologist who loves to play guitar and listen to a good music. He needs one studio for working his writing peacefully.

Mira, the wife, she's an architect. Enough saying. She wants a small open amphitheatre for her husband to play music with his friends. She loves to invite people over. She also need the studio for working her drawing frantically.

Rangga, the son, 11 yrs old, he would like a room on the upper part of the house, and a tree house.

Mahesh, the daughter, 3 yrs old, she's cute, nice and chatty. Love cat and sing a lot.

The house (basically) will consist of:

+ 3 bedrooms
+ 2 bathrooms
+ Living room
+ Studio
+ Kitchen

It will built on a 750 sqm area.
We like to have a big garden/open space. The building will only took 20% of the area.

Our studio will be placed upstairs and facing both to the stage area and to the front yard/foyer.

The studio is our essence, it's our life.

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  1. What an awesome idea, Mir! Will love to keep visiting and see how the project evolves!